Cami Standards

Comfort Wall

Don't be bothered by drifting scents or sounds

Energy Efficient

Our energy efficients homes result in more savings for you


Quality craftsmanship and high specifications

cami comfort wall

Cami Comfort Wall

No longer will you be bothered by drifting scents or sounds.
A attached single family home built by Cami Comfort is completely autonomous
from it’s neighbour. With safety, noise transfer & durability
in mind, we utilize the most effective materials available in
the industry today.

A house that uses energy more efficiently is a happy home.

All Cami Comfort Homes are modeled though the program to ensure each home exceeds todays minimum building code requirements, resulting in huge savings.

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Cami Comfort Specifications

We build our homes with the customer in mind and ensure the process of building a new home is comfortable. We are transparent about the specifications that are included in our homes and hold our trades to the highest standard of craftsmanship. You will see that our standards are most builder’s options. 

HomeFlash Pan Flashing System

Homeflash Pan Flashing System is used to ensure your home is energy efficient and sealed to code! At Cami Comfort, we use this system to make sure your home is built right! Watch the video to see how this system works. 

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