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Riverside's Master Crafted Duplex Builder

Cami Comfort Homes is a well known name for being one of the best St. Albert home builders and offers duplexes for sale in St Albert! If you’re looking for a gorgeous, new duplex for sale in St. Albert, Cami Comfort Homes is the only choice! We build high-quality duplexes for sale in St Albert that feel autonomous from one another, giving you all the features of a single family home

Cami Comfort Homes Opens a New Showhome

New showhome is NOW OPEN. Located in Riverside at 69 Riverside Drive.

Benefits of

Cami Comfort

Enhanced Value

Improved Resale Value, Less time on the Market, Increased Rental Rates

Reduced Heat Loss

Better Insulation, Less Drafty

Comfortable Buildings

Warmer in Winter &
Cooler in Summer

Lower Operating Costs

Heating, Hot Water, Electrical usage

Better Air Quality

Reduced Risk of Mold
Improved Ventilation

Energy Efficient

ENERGUIDE energy efficient to save you money

Increased Durability

Reduce Structural Rot &
Moisture Problems

Reduced Green House Gas Emissions

Responsibility to Alleviate Climate Change Impacts

Future Proofing

Energy Rates in Canada are Low today but Forecasted and Unforeseen Events are on the Horizon.

20 years servicing Edmonton Communities
200+ family homes built
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100% Dedicated to building your dream home!
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Why Choose

Cami Comfort Homes?

Interior Colours

Interior selections made easy with our colour boards! Our colour boards are professionally designed to take the stress of selecting your own colours and taking time off work to do so. Stop by our showhome to see our Interior Colour Selection Wall.

Personalized service

We are not a big volume builder, so to us you are family! Owner, Marvin, is involved in all aspects of building your home to signing your contract.

Trade Warranty

Trades are held to a high standard of workmanship. Our standards are most builders options list.

Energy Efficient Builder

The home is built with energy efficient specifications, which will save you money on utilities.


Energy Efficient Homes.

We are proud partners of the ENERGUIDE program. Cami Comfort is recognized by the Government of Canada as an ENERGUIDE rated builder in St. Albert. This means your home will save you money while also saving the environment. Cami Comfort Homes is committed to building highly efficient homes.

88 Royal Street

1708 sq ft, 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms
Bonus Room, Upstairs Laundry,
Smell Proof & Sound Reducing Common Wall