First Service Guidlines

CAMI COMFORT HOMES provides a First Service review while visiting you and dealing with any service/warranty issues that may have arisen since the possession of your new home. The visit is conducted by our Customer Care Service Technician. The purpose of the visit is ensure all operational components of the home are in order and discuss ongoing maintenance procedures you as the homeowner will be responsible for.

In addition to the review, CAMI COMFORT HOMES will inspect any service concern submitted to our office on our request forms provided. Typically many of the service elements will be performed by our technical team, however there is a possibility one or more of our trade/suppliers will be required to perform any service work. In this case, your Customer Care Service team will discuss the scope of the repairs required and will discuss the scheduling of the “Trade Day” during which all required work will be performed. This trade day is scheduled (when possible based on the trade/supplier availability) Monday-Thursday and is scheduled for all required work to reduce the inconvenience to you. We will anticipate the either you will be home for the day or provide and allow access to the trades in order to perform their work. If you require or request that someone be home, we will advise the arriving trades/suppliers to contact you directly to confirm the appointment. It is possible the exact time may not be known therefore your flexibility is required to accommodate the work during that day. Should an appointment be missed at your fault, it will be your responsibility to them contact and reschedule the appropriate trade to come back at a later date.

In addition to the check-up performed by CAMI COMFORT HOMES, the following form is provided to you in order to process your requests and to avoid delays in your service.

PLEASE NOTE: Nail pops are not addressed until the FINAL Year End Service in order to ensure any and all settling and movement had happened prior to doing the work. Drywall repairs are conducted on the FINAL Year End Service and any affected walls are not painted.

Download/Print or View “First Service Form”