EnerGuide Rated Homes

W e are very proud to say that we are recognized by the Government Of Canada as an ENERGUIDE Rated Builder. That means our homes receive an ENERGUIDE Rating to help save you money long term on energy and it also helps us keep the planet Green!
Energuide Rating
Unique to each home, the EnerGuide rating is determined by an energy advisor registered under Natural Resources Canada’s housing initiatives and working for licenced a service organization. The energy advisor assesses energy-related aspects of the home such as the home’s size and structure, level of insulation and mechanical equipment. The data is assessed using energy simulation software and standard operating conditions to produce the home’s EnerGuide rating. The rating is measured in gigajoules (GJ) per year. The lower the rating, the less energy you consume.
Best Energy Performance
The better the energy performance of a home, the closer to zero its rating will be. Some homes produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a year and as such they receive a rating of zero. Homes that produce more on-site renewable energy than they consume from conventional sources (e.g. natural gas, oil) are referred to as “net positive energy homes” and have a rating of 0